About Us


Our Mission

Strengthening the well-being of our community through health care for all.

Our Vision

We envision a community in which all people have access to exceptional, comprehensive health care and are living healthy lives. West Side Community Health Services is the leader in delivering affordable health care by being the provider of choice, driven by compassion and respect for all.

Our Values

At West Side, we put the patient first.
We partner with and care for our patients by seeking to understand the world through their eyes and empowering all employees to put our patients first.

At West Side, we build resiliency.
We exist to promote health, healing, and resilience for all.

At West Side, we champion equity.
We advocate and work for an equitable distribution of resources and opportunities.

At West Side, we model integrity. 
We model integrity in everything we do; holding ourselves and each other accountable for our work and impact on our patients.

At West Side, we uplift people.
Through a culture of collaboration, we empower the best in each other.  We uplift each other, our patients, and community members.

At West Side, we embrace respect.
We value all people, honoring each individual’s dignity, unique strengths, and challenges with a mutual respect for all.

At West Side, we elevate excellence.
With a culture of excellence, we empower our staff to consistently deliver high-quality services and ensure an exceptional patient experience.

At West Side, we unleash creativity.
We unleash creativity in people, throughout our workplace and in the community with the goal of co-creating the best solutions for our patients and stakeholders.

History of West Side Community Health Services

Founded in 1972, West Side Community Health Services is one of the largest and most established community health care organizations.

Few organizations serve so many sectors of the population so sensitively and effectively – improving the health of our region for the benefit of all. We strive to ensure that everyone has access to high quality, affordable health care, to actively engage patients in their own health care, and to respect the traditions of those we serve.

This health center receives HHS funding and has Federal Public Health Services (PHS) deemed status with respect to certain health or health-related claims, including medical malpractice claims, for itself and its covered individuals.


We strive to improve the health of our region for the benefit of all.

We’re here when you need us.
Our clinic is bigger and better, with everything you need to get and stay well. We’re open longer hours on evenings and weekends to make it easier for you to receive services. And our staff is deeply committed to giving you and your family the best care.

We help you stay healthy.
At our clinics, we’ll help you be healthy, in every way we can. We can give you the information and support you need to make smart choices and take better care of yourself. We can help you lose weight, stop smoking, manage diabetes, have a healthy pregnancy and more.

We speak your language.
We all feel more comfortable when we’re interacting with people who understand our language and culture. Our clinic is filled with dedicated professionals who speak Spanish, English and Hmong. They work closely with patients of all ages – and will put you at ease and keep you informed.

We are pioneers.
We have been a visionary organization with a progressive model of care that emphasizes education, prevention, and integrated services and uses our multilingual/multicultural expertise to provide accessible health care to our diverse communities.

We are healers.
We put people first, providing high-quality patient-focused health care that is evidence-based, reflects best practices, and respects the cultures of the patients we serve. We educate patients and family members and involve them in their own health care. We care for all people who come to us, whatever their means, with deep compassion and respect.

We are advocates.
We are sought out as the community voice for Latino, Hmong, adolescent, and health care issues. We understand public health issues, partner with other organizations to address community needs, and advocate for public policy that helps people gain access to affordable health care and other needed services.

We are neighbors.
We provide comprehensive healthcare services where our multilingual/multicultural expertise is most needed-in urban neighborhoods, schools, public housing campuses, and homeless shelters. We serve as a community cornerstone in providing services, employing local residents, and contributing to community vitality.

Board of Directors

Pete Surdo, Chairperson
Hlee Lee, Vice Chairperson
Zachary Hylton, Treasurer
Andreatte Hames, Secretary
Roman Cress, Member
Marsha Cressy, Member
Jeanette Jones, Member
Bill Thompson, Member
Carol Williams, Member
Cordell Hardy, Member
Ameila Hardy, Member
Krisa Ryan, Member
Summer Abdalla, Member
Janet Zastrow, Member

Executive Leadership

Chief Executive Officer
Reuben Moore, MBA

Chief Medical Officer
Mary Nesvig, MD

Chief Financial Officer
Blake Darsow, CPA, MBA

Chief Operating Officer/Corporate Compliance
Chris Singer, MAN, RN, CPHQ

Chief Advancement Officer
Paige Bowen

Chief of Staff
Treyce Gladney, MBA

Program Leadership

La Clinica
Medical Director: Sarah Maier, MD
Site Administrator: Jo Pineda

East Side Family Clinic (ESFC)
Medical Director: Michelle Van Vranken
Site Administrator: Kathryn Long

Medical Director: Michelle Van Vranken
Clinic Manager: Helene Freint

Health Care for the Homeless
Medical Director: Laurel Gamm
Clinic Manager: Helene Freint

School-Based Clinics
Lead Nurse Practitioner: Erica Drake
Program Director: Shawna Hedlund

Dental Director: Brad McDonnell, DDS
Clinics Manager: Lois Berndt

West Side Midwives
Lead Midwife: Sonja Batalden, CNM

Quality and Research
Medical Director: Kathleen A. Culhane-Pera, MD, MA

West Side Community Health Services Annual Reports