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Strategic Goals & Focus Areas

West Side Community Health Services has a rich and dynamic history on which to build our future, dedicated leadership and staff, and a track record of accomplishments. Through our strategic planning process, which involved all board members and employees, we learned that we have a solid reputation as a culturally-competent provider of quality health care services, especially for Latinos, Hmong, adolescents, immigrants and low-income communities. We have a growing demand for our services and a continuing need to improve access and service efficiency.

Our 6 strategic goals & focus areas for 2011-2016:

Patient Care. Optimize the health and well-being of our patients by effectively delivering high quality, comprehensive, coordinated, and cost effective health care.
a) Continually assess the health needs of our patients and strive to meet their needs directly or through community resources.
b) Develop a system of care to consistently improve health outcomes across all West Side programs.
c)Ensure our patients have access to excellent primary care, specialty care, diagnostic services and hospital care, either at West Side’s clinics or through our partners.
c) Address the behavioral health needs of our patients.
d) Expand the oral health services offered to our patients.

Patient Satisfaction. Treat our patients as we would like to be treated. Recognize and respect the individuality of each patient and provide them with the best patient customer experience.
a) Deliver excellent customer service that takes into account each patient’s identity, including culture, ethnicity, and socio-economic background.
b) Ensure our patients have timely and reliable access to scheduling and appointments.
c) Routinely evaluate patient satisfaction and address identified issues.

Community Health. Improve the health of our community by advocating for the people we serve and leading community efforts to address the endemic health issues.
a) Develop relationships with community organizations and leaders to improve the social, environmental and economic factors affecting the health of our patients.
b) Collaborate with policy makers and community leaders to increase awareness of health disparities and develop comprehensive solutions to achieve health equity.
c) Collaborate with the community to leverage community assets to address underlying health issues.
d) Establish West Side as a teaching organization for those interested in community health.

Community Outreach. Position West Side as a trusted partner in improving the health of underserved populations.
a) Develop effective outreach programs to reach patients who have limited or no access to appropriate care.
b) Increase community awareness of West Side and the services, access, and programs we provide.
c) Evaluate the feasibility of expanding our services to meet the needs of St. Paul’s medically underserved East Side community.
d) Educate the broader community and funding sources about the critical role West Side plays in our community.

Organizational Culture. Create a supportive and unified organizational culture emphasizing service, diversity, continuous learning, mutual respect and teamwork.
a) Provide West Side staff with the professional development needed to effectively serve our patients.
b) Ensure West Side staff have the ongoing training and support required to meet the diverse needs of each individual patient.
c) Invest in the tools and systems staff require to efficiently perform their jobs.
d) Reward and recognize teamwork and collaboration as we serve our patients.
e) Become a model for healthy behavior and wellness in our community.
f) Ensure providers and staff represent the communities we serve.

Community Asset. Ensure that West Side remains a long-term community asset that is financially stable, adapts to the environment, and prudently manages health care resources.
a) Effectively balance community demand for health care with West Side’s capacity to meet demand.
b) Efficiently provide health care to our community by evaluating the effectiveness of our services and programs.
c) Closely monitor and anticipate systemic health care changes to effectively respond to the changing environment and meet our patients’ needs.
d) Develop an ongoing capital reinvestment/replenishment fund.

For more information on specific activities being undertaken to support our work, please feel free to contact our office or review our recent publications. Our strategic business plan, IRS 990s, and other financial documents are available.

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