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Patient Statistics

During Calendar 2015 West Side Community Health Services' patient services included:

  • 35,676 unique  patients served.
  • 28,402 unique patients called us their medical home.
  • 10,428 unique patients got dental care from us.
  • 132,305 visits were provided at 17 medical and dental clinic sites.
  • 86% of patients were from communities of color including Asian, African American, American Indian or Latino.
  • 98% had incomes below 200% of poverty.
  • 41% did not have health insurance;46% were enrolled in Medicaid or other public health insurance.
  • 56% were best served in a language other than English.
  • Our Health Care for the Homeless program brought medical and support services to 2,653 individuals in four shelters and other community settings.
  • Our Health Start School-Based Clinics program, the only provider of comprehensive health services to adolescents in the St. Paul public schools, served 3,531, 54% of whom were uninsured.
  • Our HIV/AIDS program served 160 plus HIV infected individuals.
  • In the annual patient survey, 97% of West Side patients reported satisfaction with their care and would likely recommend West Side clinics to others.

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